Whether you have lost a family member, or if you want to send condolences to friends, communicating your best wishes is best done with a bouquet or wreath of beautifully chosen funeral flowers.



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When sending condolences, it is vital that your funeral flowers Munich selection is skilfully arranged by people who really know about their products. Funerals may not be happy occasions, but they can be made beautiful and comforting by the right variety of colours and blooms and all of our arrangements have all been carefully selected to match the mood of the occasion. And we also have flowers that can perform a range of functions at the funeral. There are selections that can drape over the coffin, as well as stand alone arrangements with gorgeous colours.

Our arrangements will attract attention without appearing brash or cheap. Their colours and harmony will be provide the right balance for an occasion that demands total concentration and attention to detail. With our help, you can choose between minimalist funeral flowers arrangements, or more lavish displays which can fill the space of your chosen chapel or church. We can also assist you in composing bespoke arrangements that feature flowers that were beloved of the deceased individual, providing a poignant reminder of their personality and passions. Whatever your floral desires, our arrangers will have come up with a design which meets your needs and provides a suitable commemoration. funeral flowers Munich



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Many different varieties of flower are suitable for a wreath or bouquet of funeral flowers Munich. Choose from irises, chrysanthemums and delightful lilacs, or go for beautiful roses and freesias to add colour to the occasion. These blooms can be arranged in a variety of different shapes and forms as well. Some people prefer to have their funeral flowers arranged in heart shapes, while for others a cross placed upon the coffin will be appropriate. We can also supply free standing vases filled with your favourite flowers Munich, as well as traditional wreaths that can be placed next to the grave, as well as hand-held posies or baskets.

With our assistance, the solemnity of the funeral can be lightened by the beauty of the surroundings, allowing everyone present to remember the departed person in peace and tranquillity. When saying goodbye to one you love, do so in surroundings that are colourful and joyful. With our expert floral assistance, you can be supplied with exactly the right funeral flowers, and you can also rely upon our arrangers to select long-lasting flowers. Our wreaths and bouquets will not droop or fade before the occasion is over, and will always be selected to provide the most colour, the most character and pleasure for everyone who attends.



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Funeral Flowers, Munich

If you are sending funeral flowers and are unable to attend, or you have been asked to set up the whole arrangement, our designers will have created a suitable arrangement. So, ensure that your goodbyes are said tastefully and reliably, by ordering a bouquet of funeral flowers from our comprehensive selection.